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Servomotorer og forstærkere

Servo motors with digital amplifiers for applications ranging from the simplest to multi-axis systems.

Brochuers and data leaflets

ECMA and ASDA-B2 servo motors and drives

Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) with incremental  encoder serial interface encoder (17 bits, resolution 160,000 increments / revolutions). The motors have small outer dimensions and low moment of inertia, which gives high dynamic performance.

The power sizes 0.75 - 3 kW are equipped with a built-in brake resistor. For smaller power sizes, an external brake resistor can be connected. These servo drives provide accurate speed control, torque control and positioning (synchronization with external pulse train). They are well suited for demanding servo applications together with PLC systems and HMI terminals. ASDA-B2 can handle serial communication via MODBUS already in the basic version. Commissioning and programming are facilitated by powerful PC software (ASDA soft) which, among other things, offers real-time oscilloscope function (sampling time 0.5 ms). ASDA-soft can be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer DELTA's website. It is also possible to program the servo amplifier using the operator panel and manual. The operator panel also provides the possibility of reading the operating data and any alarms.

ASDA-B2 servo drive  

ASDA-B2 has digital operator panel and built-in brake resistor in sizes 0.75 - 3 kW as standard.

  • Supply voltage  1x230 VAC 0.1 - 1.5 kW 
  • Supply voltage 3x230 VAC 2.0 - 3.0 kW

ASDA-M servo drive  

ASDA-M "three-in-one" servo amplifier for 3-axis servo systems available in sizes 0.1 - 2 kW.

  • Supply voltage 3x230 VAC 0,1 - 2 kW
  • Supply voltage 3x230 VAC 2,0 - 3,0 kW

TGT servo motors

The TGT series AC synchronous servo motors are characterized by: low inertia, small dimensions, high dynamics, high adaptability and reliability. The TGT servomotor series have features for wide purpose applications.

  • Power range: 0,36 - 8,2kW 
  • Torque range: 1,3 - 40Nm 
  • Protection: IP 54 eller IP 65 
  • Insulation class: F 
  • Design: flange, B5  

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